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What are people saying about the book?

Looking for a great gift for a teenager? This is the one! Oh, wait...I'm in my 50's and I couldn't put it down. Just because it is a quick read, don't let that fool you. The author, using her own riveting stories, creates questions that we should all ask ourselves--questions that really lead to a life of true happiness. LOVED THIS BOOK! - Cari C. 

I loved loved this book. It was so sweet and fun to read because I literally felt like Gina was telling me the stories herself. What a total gem this book is and it brought so much clarity for me as to what my next step would be in my life! I'm going to buy them as gifts for my friend's daughter and her friends for their high school graduation. Can't wait for the next book! - N. Au

What a great book! A quick read - took me about an hour, with a smile on my face the entire time. Gina tells sweet, simple, funny personal life stories and experiences, ending each chapter with thought provoking questions. Her book left me feeling uplifted and inspired and I took away some very insightful lessons of self evaluation and becoming the best one can be every new day. I can't wait for my 2 teenage daughters and my husband to read this book, and I'm definitely buying more copies to share. It will make the most perfect little gift! - Rae G. 

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