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          Crochet a square with Gina! 


Gina found this amazing organization many years and is so grateful that she did. People from all around the United States either knit or crochet simple 7x9 inch squares and mail them into "Warm Up America" where the squares are joined together to make blankets for people in need. 

Gina has taught children, teenagers and adults to crochet squares to give to this incredible organization. She loves empowering people to learn a skill that empowers them to serve anytime, anywhere! 


Gina loves to crochet and she loves to serve.  When she crochets at home, in the car, on the plane, or while she is waiting somewhere, it makes her smile that she can do something so little that can make a big difference for someone in need. 


The picture above is just one of the many piles of squares that Gina has made to send into "Warm Up America".  She has never kept count of the squares she has made or the squares that others have made at the service projects she has led.  She just keeps making them and helping others make them.  Gina will keep making them until her hands can't make them anymore! 

         Step #1 - Love the organization 

         Step #2 - Gather the materials 

    Step #3 - Make a slip knot 

           Step #4 - Crochet a chain  

       Step #5 - Crochet the 2nd row 

          Step #6 - Learn to turn  

  Step #7 - Finish it off 

     Step #8 - Give it away 

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