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           Make a blanket with Gina! 


Gina found this amazing organization many years ago when her family participated in a Disneyland promotion called, "Give a Day, Get A Day". (She wrote about this in her book, The Power of 1 Penny & 12 Questions.)


This amazing organization helps children in crisis. You can help by making simple no-sew blankets. If you can cut and tie a simple knot, you can serve. The tying is so easy, you can tie and talk at the same time for a fun and social service project!  


It's one of her favorite go-to service projects that brings people of all ages together in a united effort to help children in need. 

         Step #1 - Love the organization 

         Step #2 - Gather the materials 

    Step #3 - Cut the salvage

           Step #4 - Cut the corners 

       Step #5 - Cut the strips  

          Step #6 - Tie the strips  

     Step #7 - Give it away  

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