• Gina Pomar

# 1 - The questions we ask ourselves...

I grew up asking questions. One of our family mottos was “You don’t ask, you don’t get”.

You can imagine how excited I was when I found a unique looking plaque with this exact saying on it while on a cruise in Mexico. I smiled, squealed and bought it.

My husband and I have been success coaches for many years. We coach and train willing people to succeed (emphasis on the word willing). If you want to succeed at anything in life, you must be willing to work, willing to do what matters most and willing to get out of your own way sometimes! A key to our success is asking great questions.

You know you’ve asked a great question when it is followed by a pause and beautiful silence. It means the person is thinking, processing and possibly looking at their life in a new way.

Great questions help us hold a mirror up to ourselves. This isn’t a mirror of vanity to see if our hair looks good or if we have a huge chunk of cilantro in our teeth. The mirror I’m talking about is a mirror that reveals our true self.

Through the years we have found some people unwilling to take an honest look in the mirror. They don’t want to see their true self. They want to hide behind complaining and blaming. Complaining about circumstances and blaming others.

We have seen people buck the mirror, not wanting to look in it, even when doing so would help them to help themselves and their relationships with others. Some people are not ready for the mirror and some may never be. It is sad to consider who they could become if they were willing to take even the slightest peek to begin their transformation.

Thankfully, we have also found people who are ready and willing to look in the “true self mirror”. These are the ones that set themselves up for success! They are willing to answer powerful questions because deep down they want to be better. They refuse to play the blame and complain game.

They want to be real, and because of their willingness to be real, they are open to transformation. They are teachable and coachable. They do not pretend they know it all. They are open to becoming the best version of themselves.

Let me ask you...

Are you open to becoming the best version of yourself?

Let the questions begin!

Take Care,



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