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Passionate About Serving 

Through the years, Gina has come to know and love some amazing service organizations. She's always on the lookout for simple ways for people of all ages to serve. She especially loves service projects that you can do anytime, anywhere.


Below you will find some organizations that Gina's particularly in love with! As she continues to discover more, she'll be sure to add them to the list. 

Gina found this amazing organization many years ago when her family participated in a Disneyland promotion called, "Give a Day, Get A Day". (She wrote about this in her book, The Power of 1 Penny & 12 Questions.) This amazing organization helps children in crisis. You can help by making simple no-sew blankets. If you can cut and tie a simple knot, you can serve. The tying is so easy, you can tie and talk at the same time for a fun and social service project!  It's one of her favorite go-to service projects that brings people of all ages together in a united effort to help children in need. 

Through the years, Gina has organized this simple service project in her home, at community events and in corporate settings. One day when Gina was helping to host a corporate service project, the local news showed up to cover the event. They interviewed Gina and asked her about the organization. She was so excited about the service project that the news reporter asked her if she worked for the organization. She told the reporter that she didn't work for the organization but she loved the organization and loved promoting it.

When Gina gets excited about something it's hard for her to contain her enthusiasm! Gina was really excited that 80 blankets were finished from that particular service project. Those 80 blankets would help 80 children. Now that's something to get excited about!


Would you like to learn how to make a simple blanket?


Gina will guide you step by step in her short and sweet video series.  


Gina found this amazing organization many years and is so grateful that she did. People from all around the United States either knit or crochet simple 7x9 inch squares and mail them into "Warm Up America" where the squares are joined together to make blankets for people in need. 

Gina has taught children, teenagers and adults to crochet squares to give to this incredible organization. She loves empowering people to learn a skill that empowers them to serve anytime, anywhere! 

Gina loves to crochet and she loves to serve.  When she crochets at home, in the car, on the plane, or while she is waiting somewhere, it makes her smile that she can do something so little that can make a big difference for someone in need. 

Here's just one of the many piles of squares that Gina has made to send into "Warm Up America".  She has never kept count of the squares she has made or the squares that others have made at the service projects she has led.  She just keeps making them and helping others make them.  Gina will keep making them until her hands can't make them anymore! 

Would you like to learn how to crochet a simple square? 


Gina will guide you step by step in her short and sweet video series.  


Gina learned about this organization right after she graduated from high school.  She had some pretty long locks of hair and discovered that she could cut her hair and donate it to the Locks of Love organization. Gina was excited that her pony tail could help a child in need and she could enjoy a sassy shorter haircut for a while!

Gina wants everyone to be aware of this amazing organization so that if someone chooses to chop their hair off they don't have to sweep it up and throw it away. They can chop their hair and give it away. Their donation can make a difference in the life of child.


Gina was excited to find this simple gift giving site where people can buy a gift for someone in need and dedicate it to someone they love!


There are a variety of gifts to purchase in a variety of price ranges to help those in need.


Gina loves this organization that was started by an incredible young man. His mission is to give glasses to students who need them but cannot afford them.


How can you help? Collect used glasses and mail them in. So many people have old glasses sitting in a drawer just collecting dust and taking up space. Those glasses can help someone in need!

Are you raising your hand to volunteer in your local community but don't know where to begin? is a website that connects volunteers to local service projects.  Some of them are one-time service projects. Some of them are ongoing. Gina discovered a sweet service project in  her community when she searched this wonderful website.

It was a book drive to help children in need in the community.  Books were being collected for these children at a local store in the mall. Gina loves books and she loves children so she bought some books and delivered them to the store.  Her college age son, Caleb, loved the idea of this service project. He invited a girl on a date and together they shopped and picked out books to donate. It was a fun date that focused on service. The website is a great place to get great service ideas! 

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